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Ms. Belz

Wisdom Lane Middle School: (516) 434-7300

Ms. Belz


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Criteria - La Navidad en......


Criteria - La Navidad en......


Main Objective:
Learn about Christmas in a Spanish speaking country.
Due date:
                    Your project is due on Tuesday,  December  23, 2014.
1.    Pick a Spanish speaking country. Make sure you get your selection approved by Señora Belz.
2.       Begin your research going through the following suggested sites. If you do not find any  information about Christmas celebrations for the particular country you choose, try using Yahoo or Google.
3.       Read and take notes about the information you find on the internet.
4.       Make a PowerPoint or Smart Board presentation about your country.
a.       General information about the country (location, capital, weather, etc)
b.      Christmas traditions and customs
c.       Christmas food and drinks
d.      Christmas music (if any)
e.      How do they celebrate December 24th or December 25th?
f.        How do they celebrate New Year’s Eve?
g.       How do they celebrate January 6th?
h.      Your opinion about Christmas’ celebration in this particular country. 
You only have two days in the computer lab, make sure use this time to work on the project.
Your job is to read the information and write it in your own words ( you are paraphrasing).




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