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Mrs. Musante

Mrs. Musante

East Broadway Elementary School: (516) 434-7425

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​​Weekly Homework - Mrs. Musante


Week of March 9th-13th

Monday, March 9th

Math - reteaching
Spelling - ABC order

Tuesday, March 10th
Spelling - 6 sentences

Wednesday, March 11th

No written HW

Thursday, March 12th

Math - 10-6
Vocabulary - 8 sentences

Friday, March 13th

Have a great weekend!

Please read nightly with your child and practice basic addition and subtraction facts daily.

Please also initial their agenda nightly.


Unit 4 Lesson 20:  Dex:  The Heart of a Hero
Spelling words for this week (challenge word is bonus)
1.  horn
2.  store
3.  short
4.  for
5.  story
6.  corn
7.  born
8.  more
9.  fork
10.  morning
11.  tore
12.  report
13.  score
14.  shore
15.  forget
16.  force                                               
1.      gazing- looking at something fondly
2.      sprang- jumped up quickly
3.      exercise– activity that moves the body
4.      hero– someone who is looked up to for doing something important or brave
5.      sore– a feeling of pain or discomfort
6.      studied– learned about a subject
7.      depended– counted on, relied on
8.      overlooked– didn't see; not noticed; looked past