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Ms. Motis

MacArthur High School: (516) 434-7225

Ms. Motis


AI- Unit 7

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AI- Unit 7
​Date ​Topic ​Date ​Topic
​1/2 ​Graphing System of Equations ​1/10 ​Final Review
​1/3 ​Graphing Inequalities on a grid ​1/13 ​Final Review
​1/6 ​Final Review ​1/14 ​Final Review
​1/7 ​Graphing System of Inequalities ​1/15 ​Final Part I (in class)
​1/8 ​Review
Quest Review Sheet AK.pdfQuest Review Sheet AK.pdf
​1/16 ​Final Part II (in class)
​1/9 Graphing Systems Quest