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Mrs. Muschitiello

Mrs. Muschitiello

Abbey Lane Elementary School: (516) 434-7400

Mrs. Muschitiello : EDMODO Remote Solutions

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EDMODO Remote Solutions
​​​​​​ to request a device (time sensitive)

1.   No interactive tools with Pearson I-Pads

2.  Turning in an assignment
Turning In Assignments.PNG 

3. Sharing an assignment from a co-teacher
(Once it's posted)
Open the posted assignment  & ---------------> click the  ... 

4.  Edmodo Logon Issues Among Siblings​
Multi User "Can't log off"

5 Frequently Asked Questions
   Published 3/26/2020

6.  Missing Classes:

7.  How do I moderate student posts?

8. Can't access Edmodo or programs with Google Chrome (LAST RESORT) - Steps to clear the temp files  

9.  How do I find the grades in Edmodo?

10.  How do students & parents know there was a teacher comment made? 

11.  Why is my class locked?
      A student can not join my class
      I can't accept a student or parent

12.  Where did my BLUE ASSIGNMENT BUTTON go?

13.  Locating my Zoom Meeting Schedule

​Revised 5/8/20
1.   Download Pearson BouncePages and Pearson eText for Schools Apps.

* This a private way for your students to turn in an assignment without access to 
MSWord, Powerpoint, etc.

3.     Example:                                                                     Click @ ....Sharing an assignment at three dot.PNG

View Message.PNGview message  & share 
  Type a mesage
   Send to: enter receipitants name 

4.  Use the incognito feature in Chrome. When the student logs in make sure they click new incognito tab.  Once they close the incognito tab it will clear any connections​. Each student should open their own tab.

​​5.  Edmodo FAQ.docxEdmodo FAQ.docx

6.  Check archived classes.  To unarchive: 
* Home
* click on ... next to My Classes
* view archived Classes
* choose class to view students & verify current year. Go back and restore or:
​You can rename any class you find with the current year's students to make it yourown  

8.  If they are still having difficulty in Google Chrome have them try these steps the clear the temp files. 
Open Google Chrome
Click on the three dots on the top right-hand side of the screen Click on settings Scroll to the bottom and click advanced Click “Clear browsing data”
Select All time for the time range, select all three boxes and click clear data.
Close out of Google Chrome
Open Google Chrome and try it again.

9. If you have assigned a quiz or an assignment, You can see everything that is assigned opening the class page and hovering over the classes tab at the top. This will open a drop down, choose What’s due. This will give you all assignments and quizzes you have assigned.

* If you prefer to look at individual student progress, click on the progress tab after hovering over classes tab at the top.

10.  * If it's a 1:1 message it'll show up with a red # at the top/middle

* If it's a comment on an assignment it shows up in their notifications​

11.  Classes will automatically lock after 14 days to be more secure.  If you need to add a new student or parent simply click on the class code and it will automatically unlock.

12.  A/O 5/2020 we don't know why special area teachers loose their assignment button.  This cheat sheet is a sucessful cheat sheet.

Edmodo Missing Plus Symbol.docxEdmodo Missing Plus Symbol.docx

13.  Post the meeting info (with password) into the discussion box and "*pin to post" it which will keep it at the top of your class pages. 

      Upload the file and open it (full view) or take a snip-it and add as a picture.

      After you post it, click the 3 dots . . . in the right corner and choose PIN POST.

    *Only one post can be pinned to the top and it will remain at the top of your page until you unpin.