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Mrs. Muschitiello

Mrs. Muschitiello

Abbey Lane Elementary School: (516) 434-7400

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5th Grade
​​​​​​​         ​     ​WELCOME ABBEY 5th Graders & Guests
Page modified: 4/24/20​


Fun4theBrain ​

Place Value Practice:

Math World​
You may do any of the games from the Fractions, Decimals, Percentages and Place Value areas. 
Conversion and Measurement: Click Here​ to see a simple demonstration of conversion.

Horrendous Soup is a fun game in which students have to make a recipe for the most disgusting soup they can imagine. Students progress through the game by adding ingredients to the soup. Some of the ingredients are measured in capacity, some are measured in mass, and some are measured in distance (for example, the recipe might call for a certain amount of millimeters of toothpaste or tree branch). Given this is a bit far-fetched, but still a perfect way to reinforce metric conversion skills. To successfully print out the recipe, students must demonstrate the ability to convert the amounts of ingredients to other metric units. For example, liters to milliliters and vice versa, grams to milligrams and vice versa, and millimeters to centimeters to meters. See demonstration video for more information.​

Social Studies

Ben's Guide to USA Games​

​50 States research​

​US Constitution:
Click here to learn about our Constitution and after 
each page, complete the Show What You Know 

US Government:
​Click on Bens Guide​ and read about the US Government. 
Fill out your crossword puzzle based on what you read. 
When the puzzle is complete, click here​ to test your 
knowledge on the 3 branches!

​​State Capitals: Click on the tutorial first, then test 
your knowledge with each game below the tutorial.

Canada - use this link to help label your Canada 

50 States - Label the 50 States in time!!

Latin America - Latin America quiz​



Watch the Invertebrate slideshow on this website and then click Test Yourself.

Click the Brainpop Movie link and LOG IN. Then watch 
the Brainpop movie, and take the quiz. Choose ONE more 
movie related to Invertabrates, and take a quiz.

Log onto BrainPop to view the movies on 
Animal Cells and Plant Cells:
username: abbeylane
password: schools