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Ms. Nessler

MacArthur High School: (516) 434-7225

Ms. Nessler


Pre-A.P. Global 9

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Pre-A.P. Global 9

​​​​​​​​Welcome to Pre-AP Global 9.  Here are three things you can do right now to get you ready for my class...

     1) Text @Prewham20 to 81010    
         This will put you on my text message alerts.  They are VERY beneficial.

     2) Follow me on twitter @MrsNessler  
This will give you extra credit assignments and keep you up to date with ancient history
     3) Look under the 'Year's Supply List".   This will inform you what you need to buy to be prepped for this class.  
You can buy them now so you don't have to battle the lines during the back to schoo madness

Screencast-o-matic Lessons
***password is always nessler***​
Thursday 4/8: 



This is the link to help you submit your assignments on TurnItIn.coM
Click here to get a tutorial: TurnItIn Instructions.docxTurnItIn Instructions.docx



HOMEWORK #1 - Due Friday 1/28:
1) Use the information in this link to complete the activity sheet from class Islamic Achievements.pdfIslamic Achievements.pdf

HOMEWORK #2 - Due Friday 2/28: 
2) Use the map from Wednesday to complete the following activity sheet Africa Civilization Homework.docxAfrica Civilization Homework.docx





HOMEWORK #1 - Due Friday 11/22:
1) Complete the following activity sheet: John Green Persia and Greece.docxJohn Green Persia and Greece.docx

Homework #2 - Due Wednesday 11/27: Dress the Turkey.docxDress the Turkey.docx
1) DO NOT CREATE THE TURKEY YET!!  We will do it in class.  Instead, formulate your ideas and 
    get all of your supplies prepares. 

​Homework #3 - Due Friday 12/06: Empire Timeline HW.docxEmpire Timeline HW.docx
1) You may make ANY TYPE of timeline you want to.  You should submit this on Friday.  DO NOT
    submit through TURNITIN.COM

Homework #4 - Due Friday 12/13: Silk Road Questions.docxSilk Road Questions.docx
1) You should type your responses on the document, save it, and submit it through

​Homework #5 - Due Friday 12/20: RAK 1.docxRAK 1.docx
1) You should hand write your answer and submit it in class Friday.

Homework #6 - Due Friday 1/10: Byzantine - Iconclast movement HW.docxByzantine - Iconclast movement HW.docx
1) You sh​ould type your responses on the document, save it and submit it through



HOMEWORK #1 - Due Friday 9/6:
1) Complete the following activity sheets:
     -Movie Permission Slip
     -Class contract
     -Bar Graph
     -Individual Information Sheet

HOMEWORK #2 - Due Wednesday 9/11 and Friday 9/13
1) Complete your 9/11 interviews.  This is due Wednesday.  Please have it prepared for 9/11
2) Complete your video question sheet.  Link is:​

HOMEWORK #3 - Due Friday 9/20
1) C​omplete the following textbook activity: Paleolithic Homework Fix2019.docxPaleolithic Homework Fix2019.docx
     Here are the pages you will need in case your textbook isn't handy Homework 3 Scanned Pages.pdfHomework 3 Scanned Pages.pdf 

HOMEWORK #4 - Due Friday 9/27
1) Complete the following textbook activity: CC Gilgamesh and Book of Dead.docxCC Gilgamesh and Book of Dead.docx
     Here are the pages you will need in case your textbook isn't handy HW 3 - Gilgamesh and BOD.pdfHW 3 - Gilgamesh and BOD.pdf

HOMEWORK #5 - Due Friday 10/04
1) Complete the following activity on Mesopotamian and Egyptian achievements Achievements.docxAchievements.docx

HOMEWORK #6 - Due Friday 10/11
1) C​omplete the following activity comparing and contrasting the Indus Comparing Indus to other RVCs.docxComparing Indus to other RVCs.docx
    Here are the pages you will need in case your textbook isn't handy HW 6 - Quarter 1.pdfHW 6 - Quarter 1.pdf

HOMEWORK #7 - Due Friday 10/18
1) C​omplete the following activity comparing and contrasting Varna and Jati Varna vs Jati.docxVarna vs Jati.docx

HOMEWORK #8 - Due Friday 10/25
1) C​omplete the following activity​ helping explain Buddhism Buddhist Challenge.docxBuddhist Challenge.docx

HOMEWORK #9 - Due Friday 11/01
1) C​omplete the Mulan Activity while the movie is on

HOMEWORK #10 - Due Friday 11/08
1) C​omplete the following activity helping explaining the Persian Empire Persian Empire HW.docxPersian Empire HW.docx