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AP World HW tips

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AP World HW tips
A.P. World homework tips

Some helpful hints to guide you through your chapter homeworks:
You need more time to process through the information and get it right! You will only be tired and not know much more about the topic.
***DO NOT RESTATE THE PROMPT in your answer.
You gain credit for being original and analytical, not copying. This is NOT monkey see monkey do!
***ANALYZE! ANALYZE! ANALYZE! HOW and WHY are your facts important?
You have to link facts and ideas together. Use words like "because" and "which caused" to help prompt you in the right direction.
***DO NOT COPY anything you read.
Those words are the author's not yours. You gain credit for your ideas, not copying.
You have an educated reader--when you use the word in context, you are proving you know what it means.
***FULL PARAGRAPHS have analysis and are multiple sentences long.
No more two sentence answers! This is to prepare you for analytical essay writing. You are aiming to have 5-8 setnences per answer.
While working together is permitted, homework is graded on an individual basis and should be regarded as an individual assignment.
Any copying of homework will be dealt with according to the Student Handbook's Academic Dishonesty Policy.