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Ms. Liakonis

Ms. Liakonis

Lee Road Elementary School: (516) 434-7475

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The Mysteries of Harris Burdick

by Chris Van Allsburg 
Chris Van Allsburg came across the pictures of Harris Burdick through a friend, Peter Wenders. Apparently, Burdick presented the pictures with their titles and captions to Wenders in hopes that Wenders would be interested in purchasing the stories that accompanied the illustrations. Wenders was intrigued by the pictures and asked Burdick to submit the corresponding stories the next day. However, Wenders never heard from Harris Burdick again, so the "true" stories behind the pictures were never revealed.
Students have been asked to consider one of the images, its title and its caption and then to propose a possible story that tells what happened before and after the corresponding image.
Some websites to navigate through:
Student Examples: