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Ms. Neligan

Ms. Neligan

East Broadway Elementary School: (516) 434-7425

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Miss Neligan's

Here are some things that are important to know :

1. Homework: Homework will be given almost every night (except Fridays). Even if I do not assign homework, I will have your child write “No Homework” in their agendas. Therefore, check your child’s agenda every night to make sure that the homework is completed. If homework is not completed, it will be assigned again the next night.

Furthermore, I check all students’ homework for completion every day. I review it as a class. Once a week, I will collect each child’s homework during their lunch period in order to thoroughly check his/her work for that night and give specific feedback. Writing assignments will always be thoroughly checked, but may take more than one lunch period for me to review.

2. Communication: I am happy to communicate with you. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us at your convenience by calling the school, sending a note, or sending an email.

3. Student Work: I love when you get to see the great work that is going on in the classroom.  Therefore, I do send projects and completed work home. Some work may be kept at home, while other pieces (such as projects) must be returned to school until the end of the school year. I will make a note in the agendas if projects need to be returned.

4. Birthdays: Birthday celebrations are permitted in our classroom. Please send a note about a week in advance to let us know if you plan on sending in treats. This will allow us to prepare and schedule accordingly.

Let's continue to have a great school year!