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Mr. Tomeo

Wisdom Lane Middle School: (516) 434-7300

Mr. Tomeo


Test Corrections

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Test Corrections
​​​​​​​​​​Please use this form and only this form when you correct your assessment.* 

You will have 1 week to return the assessment to me for review once it is handed back to you.

For example:  If the assessment is returned to you Monday, you will have until the following Monday to hand it in.​

Print any graphs that you may need to redo or use a different color directly on the assessment.

When correcting a problem you must provide valid evidence or a solution to recieve credit.

       Blank Graphs​

  *No assessment may be corrected to 100.
  *Assessments may not be corrected if the value of the assessment is between 0 and 40 points.