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Ms. Russo

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

Ms. Russo


Compiti Italian 7

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Compiti Italian 7

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​5/9- Contract signed for tomorrow.  Binders with dividers due on Monday

9/9- Study alphabet.  Watch video

10/9- Words on index cards

 11/9---12/9-- Studiare alfabeto e Saluti (Greetings cards)

13/9- Bring in your book (Exploring Italian)

16/9-  Study for your quiz - alphabet and greetings Study guide for Italian 7- greetings.docxStudy guide for Italian 7- greetings.docx

17/9- Non ci sono compiti

18/9- libro pg 13 A, pg 14 B

19/9- Practice your numbers 1-100   Copy and past link to watch video

         Libro pg 15 E, pg 16 F

25/9- Practice your numbers 1-100 and all the questions we did in class

26/9- Studiare per l'esame numeri e domande next wed-  

27/9- STudy for test on numbers, math signs and "domande"  Study guide numeri quiz.docxStudy guide numeri quiz.docx

2/10- Non ci sono compiti

3/10- Non ci sono compiti

4/10- Buon fine settimana

7/10- Libro pg 

10/10-  Foglio (worksheet)  and bring in workbook.  

16/10- TEst on Telling Time in Italian on Thursday.  Study guide for telling time 2.docxStudy guide for telling time 2.docx 

17/10- Non ci sono compiti

21/10- Write days of the week on index cards  or  3 times each in Italian and English once