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Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Anderson

Lee Road Elementary School: (516) 434-7475

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​Welcome Parents and Students to Mrs. Anderson's Class!

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November 2019
Dear Parents,
   I hope this letter finds you well. Please take a few moments to read this newsletter in its entirety and make note of important dates etc. J
·         Reading- Our reading adventures are continuing to progress throughout a variety of genres. Students are learning many reading strategies such as making inferences, drawing conclusions, making and identifying cause and effect relationships and analyzing illustrations. Our whole-class conversations about text are very deep and varied and I am challenging students with vocabulary of increasing difficulty and shades of meaning. Please note: I will not be giving a formal assessment on Roberto Clemente and we are skipping ahead to Kamishibai Man. We will go back to the stories we skipped, so keep a close eye as to the progression of the stories each week. There will be a test on Kamishibai Man on Wednesday, November 27. I love this story because it fits so nicely into a theme we’ve been exploring in class- the art of storytelling. Our students recently had the pleasure of seeing a live mime in action (thanks to our PTA) at a recent assembly. Kamishibai Man connects to this theme by introducing students to yet another form of storytelling and its importance. Themes we will be discussing in this story are the concept of nostalgia and how communities change over time and the impact those changes have on the culture. In addition, we will be deeply diving into how the Kamishibai man changes from the beginning of the story to the end.  Character traits and shades of meaning for vocabulary are at the heart of every lesson. To that end, please keep sending in those shades of meaning paint strips!
·         Writing- I LOVE teaching writing and lucky for me, my students LOVE writing. This is such a creative class and they are truly grasping so many of the writing lessons I’m teaching. To date they have taken their personal narratives and Dear Emotion letters to final copy. They are in the final stages of their Gratitude letters. We have been discussing gratitude during mindfulness lessons and students wrote beautiful letters to the person of their choice. They typed them up and it is my hope that they will read their letter to their special recipient in person. If their person lives far away, please consider helping your child to make a phone call to their person to read the letter. There is research that suggests that writing about gratitude and sharing gratitude with others actually increases happiness.  My writing lessons this trimester have centered on basic structure and mechanics, but have also gone so far beyond that to teach figurative language, onomatopoeia, and voice. Our children are really great writers. I’m so proud of them. Moving forward, our focus will be on opinion writing.
·         Science- We have launched into science with a unit on Engineering. Students learned all about the design and re-design process. To go along with the Journeys story, Pop’s Bridge, they worked collaboratively in groups to design and build a bridge out of marshmallows and toothpicks. The process proved to be quite challenging as all groups had to go back to the drawing board to experiment with re-design. The final projects, however, proved to be successful. We talked a lot about the process being an extremely important part of the overall project. The work students did in class with this project will be what their science grade is based upon.
·         Mindfulness- I continue to be humbled and impressed with the work we are doing in our classroom relating to Mindfulness. I must tell you that your children are insightful, kind, loving, helpful and willing to learn in order to help them meet their greatest potential. Our mindfulness lessons have highlighted focusing, emotions, and gratitude. Students picked a difficult emotion and wrote a letter to it. You can read our “Dear Emotion” letters when you come in for conferences in December. Gratitude has also been a focus for this month and students are learning that you can be thankful for more than just ‘things’.  They are growing and maturing each day and I hope you are seeing it at home.
·         Mindfulness Buddies- Another amazing activity that is happening in our class is with our Mindfulness Buddies. Our children are so invested in their buddies. They care for them and look forward to our weekly meetings. The other day the lights went out in our room (just briefly) and immediately my students asked me to contact our Mindfulness Buddies to see if they were ok. They were, and my students were relieved, but the level of compassion this partnership with our Kindergarten buddies is fostering is quite amazing. It’s lovely to be a part of.
·         Circle Up- I wonder if your child has mentioned Circle Up to you. This is where we sit in a circle and I introduce a prompt. We have a ‘talking piece’ which means only the person holding it can talk. I initiate a prompt. For example: If you could have any super power what would it be?  We then pass the talking piece around and each person answers. Students are allowed to ‘pass’ for any reason and do not have to share. When I tell the class we are going to Circle Up, they cheer! I think they like sharing, being heard, and learning about their friends. Today we spoke about what we have gratitude for. Our conversations are meaningful and fun!
·         Math- Multiplication, multiplication, multiplication. We have learned the strategies. It’s now time for students to memorize their facts through the 12 times tables. Fact fluency is practiced every day and should be practiced every night at home. You can use the website IXL (students know how to log on) or any math site on my website. In addition to this, you can use regular flash cards.  As you know, the Topic 5 Math test is on Thursday and then we are moving on to Topic 6.
·         Reminders:
·          Please be sure your child has snack every day. When they forget, it takes time out of class for them to get it.
·         Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, as they do go outside for recess as much as possible.
·         Please continue to write me clear notes with your child’s first and last name, and my name, for any dismissal changes. Please call the Main Office for any last minute dismissal changes. Do not email me or message me on Remind for dismissal changes. J
·         Scholastic Book orders- Please note that you can order online with our class code from at any time. All orders will be processed the 1st of the month.
·         I look forward to sitting down with you at our Parent-Teacher Conferences to discuss your child’s progress in third grade. Please refer to Sign Up Genius for the time you signed up for.
It continues to be our close working relationship that is the mainstay to your child’s success. Please feel free to call me at school with any questions or concerns.
Mrs. Anderson J




​​​​   September 2019

   Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! This year will mark my 24th year teaching at Lee Road! I am anticipating a wonderful year of academic growth and development for each student in my class. Please take a moment to read the following information, as it will help both your child and you get off to a great start!       
 This year we will be using the Reading Series, Journeys. It is based upon the NY State Common Core Learning Standards and will encompass all areas of literacy for third grade. Lots of information will be coming home regarding this program and I will be happy to address any specific questions you may have about it. I am also a Certified Reading Teacher and teaching third graders to read and comprehend complex text is my passion.
     In In Math, we will be using the EnVision 2.0 math program.  We will be kicking off the year learning multiplication and divison concepts. It is imperative that your child have the basic addition and subtraction facts memorized. Please ensure this is the case by practicing a little each night. EnVision 2.0 is comprehensive and digs deep into mathematical concepts, revisits concepts, and has a challenging problem -solving component that is extremely important in third grade. 
     I encourage every parent to become familiar with the Common Core Learning Standards for third grade in both Literacy and Math. You can go to for information. It's important to note that the Common Core calls for an increase in non-fiction reading. This means, students will be engaged in a lot of nonfiction reading in school, and should also be reading non-fiction at home. A big portion of the writing in third grade is also going to be based on factual information. Students will need to write responses to questions based upon 'text based facts' or 'evidence from the text'. Of course this will all be taught to my students with clear, precise, deliberate instruction, however, it is important for all parents to be familar with these, more rigorous expectations placed upon our children.

     Students will be using the Dimensions Science program this year. Dimensions is a great program that integrates science and technology with a strong hands-on component that is engaging and fun! Students will also be engaging in STEAM projects throughout the year.
    This year students will be using a S.T.A.R. (Students Taking Academic Responsibilty) binder. This binder will hold all prevelant information for your child. It will include their Agenda book where homework is copied, test review sheets, tests for you and your child to review, newsletters from me, and many other important documents that pertain to our class. Students are expected to bring the STAR binder back and forth from home to school each day.  Please be sure to look through this binder daily.

     I will be teaching Mindfulness this year to my students. I am a Certified Mindfulness Instructor. Students will learn strategies to help them improve focus, attention, and specific ways to help them manage their emotions. I will continue to conduct parent workshops this year and am always eager to speak to you regarding any questions you may have.
   The relationship between home and school is of paramount importance to me. As a mother of a 8th and 9th grader, I know how important close communication is between parent and teacher. Please do not hesitate to contact me at school (434-7475) to discuss any concern or question you have. It will always be my pleasure to speak with you regarding your child. I will also be using the REMIND APP this year. If you would like to sign up for these text/email reminders, please click on "Remind App" on the left-hand side of this screen, click on the link, and follow the instructions to sign up! I truly look forward to a wonderful year of growth and development for each of my third graders!!!
     Please have your child bring all of their school supplies on the first day of school. It is important that their supplies are labeled as well. Please send your child to school with a healthy snack as well every day.

Mrs. Anderson