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Mrs. D'Amuro

Mrs. D'Amuro

East Broadway Elementary School: (516) 434-7425

Mrs. D'Amuro : Supply List

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Supply List
1. One box of Crayola crayons
2. Shoe box with your child’s name on the outside filled with an extra set of clothes (underwear, socks, shirt, pair of pants) and a large plastic bag)
3. Three hard covered marble notebooks
4. Two pocket folders
5. Crayola water color paint set
6. Two glue sticks
7. One small bottle of Elmer’s Glue
8. One plastic art smock
10. Pencil box
11. Two cans of play doh-any color will be fine
12. Rest Assured Nap Mat or kindergarten rest mat
Please send your child to school with these supplies as soon as possible. If there are any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you, Mrs. D’Amuro