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Mrs. D'Amuro

Mrs. D'Amuro

East Broadway Elementary School: (516) 434-7425

Mrs. D'Amuro : Educational APPS for IPad

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Educational APPS for IPad
 Suggested by
Jaime Spencer, MA, OTR/L
Levittown Occupational Therapy
DoraHops into Phonics ($2.99)
Reading, sounds
Yoga (Free)
Motor planning, postural control, strengthening
Pick-up Sticks (Free)
Visual perceptual skills-figure ground, visual closure
HOC HD-crossword combined with hidden pictures (Free)
Visual perceptual skills-figure ground
Whats Missing (Free)
Visual scanning, letter recognition
Simon Says (Free)
Visual and auditory memory
Frisbee (Free)
Motor planning, visual perceptual skills
PIY 4D- piano (Free)
Finger separation, timing, visual scanning
Mazes (Free)
Motor control, visual perceptual, problem solving
iWriteWords ($2.99)
Letter formations, motor control
Origami (Free)
Following directions, fine motor, bilateral coordination skills, motor planning
Breakout Mania (Free)
Visual tracking, timing
Into to Letters ($4.99)
Letter formations
Interactive Alphabet ($2.99)
Letter Recognition
Memory Block (Free)
Visual memory
Animatch ($.99)
Visual memory
Memory++ (Free)
Visual memory
Shape Builder (Free/$.99)
Visual perceptual
Cookie Doodle ($.99)
Motor planning, sequencing
Pre-school Connect the Dots ($.99)
Sequencing series ABA Flashcards ($.99)
Visual Perceptual, personal and social skills
Starfall ABC’s ($2.99)
Pre-K letter recognition
Tetris ($2.99)
Visual motor, visual perceptual skills
Parking lot ($.99)
Visual perceptual skills
Itsy Bitsy Spider ($1.99)
Finger isolation, visual motor
Wheels on the Bus($1.99)
Finger isolation, visual motor
Old MacDonald($1.99)
Finger isolation, visual motor
Baa Baa Black Sheep($1.99)
Finger isolation, visual motor
Hershey’s (Free)
Motor planning, sequencing
ABC Maze ($1.99)
Motor planning
Alphabet tracing (Free)
Letter formation, motor control
ABC Tracer ($1.99)
Letter formation, motor control
Draw 4 Free (Free)
Letter formation, visual motor
Talking Tom (Free)
Oral motor
Balloonimals ($1.99)
Oral motor
ABAProblem Solving Game: What Rhymes ($.99)
Sensory, auditory discrimination
Sound Touch lite (Free)
Sensory, auditory discrimination
Train Conductor (Free)
Motor planning, visual motor
Dexteria ($4.99)
Hand strengthening, finger isolations, motor control
Do As Me
Line imitation, fine motor control, visual perceptual
Spot the Dot
Visual motor, finger isolation
DAF Assistant
Speech, stuttering
Language comprehension
Forming sounds
My Pictures Talk
Motor control, visual model
Smarty Speech
Speech comprehension
Tangram XL
Visual perceptual
Toontastic ($.99)
Sound production
Articulate It ($49.99)
Artikpix ($29.99)