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Ms. DeCunzo

Division Ave. High School School: (516) 434-7150 | Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

Ms. DeCunzo


Algebra II Policies

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Algebra II Policies

Policies for Mrs. DeCunzo’s Class 2019-2020

1. Homework will be given out on a daily basis, including weekends. If a student is struggling with an assignment, I will accept work that shows an effort. I will also collect assignments periodically to see if students are grasping the material. Homework cannot be made up (unless you were absent).

2. Tests are given after every unit and quizzes are given throughout the unit. Tests and quizzes will make up 90% of your quarterly average. Homework will count for 10% of the quarterly average. Each are entered as points earned.

3. Mrs. DeCunzo updates her website on a daily basis. Please check it frequently for helpful websites and important information.
4. Every Monday students will receive a “Do Now” worksheet. Students should work on the “question of the day” at the start of class while I am checking the homework. There will be a quiz on the "Do Now" worksheet from the previous week at the start of each week. This helps to check for understanding. Since all tests are cumulative, students should study these worksheets. The questions are similar to the "review" problems on the exam.

5. Students are responsible to make up the work that is missed when absent from class. 

6. Handouts will be distributed on a regular basis. Students should purchase a loose-leaf binder, separated into three sections: “Do Now Problems”, “Classwork / Homework” and “Tests / Quizzes”.

7. Students will need a TI-84+ graphing calculator, folder and a ruler for this course. 

8. Students will be assigned new seats every quarter. When the bell rings for class, everyone should be prepared and ready to work. Class participation is highly encouraged. Always remember to raise your hand. 

9. We will utilize eMathInstruction, IXL and JMAP in this course throughout the year.

10. Students in this course will be taking a Midterm Examination in ​January and the Common Core Algebra II Regents Examination in June.


11. My extra help schedule will be announced every Friday for the following week. Sessions are always held in Room 126.

I’m looking forward to working with all of you. With your cooperation, I believe that we can make this year a successful one. ~~Mrs. DeCunzo~~