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Ms. Ramirez

Ms. Ramirez

Northside Elementary School: (516) 434-7500

Ms. Ramirez : Classroom Management

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Classroom Management
:) Be good listeners and follow directions (the first time they are given)
:) Keep hands, feet, and other objects to ourselves.
:) Be kind to other children and adults in the classroom. 
(Only say nice things.)
:) Always walk in the hallways and classroom.
:) Raise our hand when we need to share something with the class.
:) Use a soft voice in the classroom.
To help us remember these rules we use a system called "Turn-A-Card".  Your
child will let your know how he/she is doing everyday by coloring in a box on
his/her "Turn-A-Card" calendar that is in the back of his/her Green Dot
notebook.  You will need to sign it at the end of each week.
We have a pocket chart displayed in our room and each student has a pocket
with five color-coded cards; WHITE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE and RED. Each day
the white card will be on top, which means behavior is appropriate. When a
rule is broken the student will be asked to "turn a card".  The next card in
the pocket is GREEN, which means the student has been given a verbal warning.
If the student demonstrates inappropriate behavior in class the same day,
he/she must "turn a card" again, revealing YELLOW, which means the student has
been given a second verbal warning.  The ORANGE card means the student will be
given a brief time-out, during which he/she should reflect on the behavior.
If the student's behavior is inappropriate for a fourth time during the day,
the last card that is turned is RED.  A red card means a second time-out is
given and the student's parents will be notified either by note or telephone call.
During the first week of school, the children and I created the classroom
rules together.  I feel it is important that the children accept
responsibility for their choices, good ones as well as poor ones.  Each day,
the cards are returned to their original order, with the white card on the
top, so that each day can be a fresh start and another chance at demonstrating
appropriate behavior. By having the students physically turn their cards, I am
asking them to acknowledge inappropriate behavior and to take responsibility
for it.  In addition to turning over their cards, children will be responsible
for reporting back to you by coloring in a daily calendar with the color card
that is showing at the end of the day.  The calendar will be placed in a sheet protector 
inside your child's Homework folder.  I ask that you sign the calendar at the end of
each week.  The children and I have spent some time going over this new system
and we are all excited about beginning this system.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  As always, thank
you for your continued support.  :)
Mrs. Ramirez