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Ms. Poris

MacArthur High School: (516) 434-7225

Ms. Poris


Grading Policy

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Grading Policy
Tests will be given at the end of each unit. ALL TESTS WILL BE CUMULATIVE.

Quizzes will be given throughout the unit.

Each unit will be accompanied with a "Unit Review" assignment​. This assignment will be given at the beginning of each unit and due on the test day. It will be on the material from each previous unit and will be the "review" questions on the unit test.  It will be collected and graded.​ Please make sure you are putting in effort when working on assignment. DO NOT wait for the night before tom complete it!! Late assignments will NOT be accepted. Please be diligent in handing in assignment​ on time.

Homework will be assigned nightly. You will begin each quarter with 100 average for homework. For each missing assignment you will lose 5 points. Homework must be complete to receive credit.  There is no such thing as half-credit.

§      90% of your quarterly grade will be based upon a total points analysis of classroom assessments for the given quarter.  Classroom assessments may include tests, quizzes, unit reviews, projects, etc.

10% of the quarterly grade is based upon additional components that will include homework. ​