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Ms. Demirayak

MacArthur High School: (516) 434-7225

Ms. Demirayak


Useful Links

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Useful Links
Use this site to practice verb conjugations with games!
Use these sites to create puzzles from class vocabulary!
Use this site to create word scrambles.

Use this site as a Spanish-English disctionary.

Use this site to find the codes for accent marks.

Use this site to practice grammar and conjugations.

Navigate through Scholastic to play and learn new vocabulary.
Here is a great website to quiz yourself and practice pronunciation.

Use this site to study and quiz yourself on vocabulary and grammar.​
Great site to review grammar rules and read about culture.
This site has great review games as well as videos in Spanish.
Use this site to play games and listen to vocabulary.

Use this site to review the rules and uses of SUBJUNCTIVE.​