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Ms. Demirayak

MacArthur High School: (516) 434-7225

Ms. Demirayak


Español 4 Pre-AP

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Español 4 Pre-AP

Molloy College Credit Information​
You may register for ONE class (3 credits) or BOTH classes (6 credits).
If registering for ONE CLASS, only register and pay for: SPA101
If registering for BOTH CLASSESregister and pay for bothSPA1010 and SPA1020

Puntos Adicionales​​​​​​​​
​Watch Spanish language TV, listen to Spanish language radio, Read Spanish language articles! You may watch a Spanish language movie on Netflix or OnDemand- there are lots, just search for them. 
Keep a running list of ANY vocabulary word and SUBJUNCTIVE learned this year on a sheet of looseleaf. 
You must...
...write down the context (aka write the sentence you heard/read the word in)
...tell what channel/source you heard/read this in
...write the date and time you heard this
Once you have reached 10, bring them in and show me for points on an assessment. 

Spanish Language TV stations (on Optimum/Cablevision)
6- Univisión
16- Telemundo
17- UniMAS
195- MTV Tr3s
197- NBC Universo
198- Galavisión
227- ESPN Deportes
228- FOX Deportes
229- Univisión Deportes
230- BeIN Sports en Español
233- GOL TV 

Spanish Language Radio stations
92.7 fm
93.1 fm
93.9 fm
96.3 fm
97.9 fm